Neer Mahal

This travelogue is different. It’s not a  visit to a new  place but rather, a nostalgic journey. I remember, in school days,we wrote essays on the visit to Neermahal, the most sought after destination in Agartala. .A favourite picnic spot in college days too. Neermahal is situated about 55 km away  from Agartala. During the seventies we used to cross the Rudrasagar lake by boat  to reach Neermahal , the Palace on water. We used to put our hands in the water,trying to catch  the water chestnuts or paniphal as long as we could. There was no dearth of entertainment as well! Country songs by boat man ,soothing breeze and  water birds like cormorants, cranes all entertained us on our way. Those rides were nothing less than magical. Time flew,   a few decades have passed.  Now speed boat is   the most preferred option.  It took about ten minutes to reach the palace from the bank of Rudrasagar lake.

NeerMahal  was built by  Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur, the King of Tripura during 1930-1938 as a summer palace. He was a great visionary and the  development of the modern Tripura was initiated by him.




The Rudrasagar lake is 5.3 sqkm in area, a pretty big lake indeed. From the middle of the lake appears the majestic palace  as if  in a fairy tale . The airy balconies, portico and open windows give the feel of royal luxury of enjoying the nature’s beauty at its fullest. The palace is 400 m in length and has 24 rooms and shows a blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture . It is divided in two parts, the western part (Andar Mahal) which was meant for the Royal family and the eastern side for servants and security personnel. There is an open stage and garden in the western side. Although the palace has been restored recently but the surrounding lake is facing the menace of water hyacinth colony. It’s a heritage property , the maintenance of the surrounding area and boating service could have been better. In fact,  it is the only water palace in eastern India but  it seems it is not maintained as it should be. But still, its own beauty and grandeur  keeps on attracting  the tourists  over the years.



Tripura has its own beauty with its  mesmerising green cover , unexplored beautiful country sides, green hills and hillocks and forests. The small  North Eastern state of India though has changed  over the years but still its charm remains the same to me.




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  1. There are quite a few interesting characteristics about this palace. One thing I love is the grand boat entrance.. which unfortunately is now defunct. I wish they did not leave the entire place empty. They could fill some of the spaces with artifacts and old furniture to bring some life back.
    These days they can cloud source old collections. Borrow or buy from people of Tripura. It could be many things.. right from old letters, manuscripts, jewelry, utensils etc that would capture the essence of the life of people living in this state in the the past and present day Maybe the new CM could take a lead.
    Beshi boley phellam na to..


  2. jayatisblog says:

    Definitely, many things could be done and also it depends on the concerned department of the administration. While visiting there, I searched for an information booklet on this heritage property but couldn’t find any.I think there should be some guidebooks or information booklet for the tourists who are interested in the history of the Palace. বেশী কোথায় বললি?না বললে কেউ জানবে কি করে আমাদের প্রত্যাশা গুলো ঠিক কি কি।:) 🙂


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