A few days in Himachal…..(2)

The two things that I liked most in Himachal, both are  from the Tibetan culture -Thangka painting and the Tibetan butter tea.  And incidentally I got the opportunity to explore and enjoy both during a mystical afternoon at the Norbulingka Institute in Dharamshala.

Thangka painting

Thangka paintings are typically  meant for religious practices and meditation. But  the most interesting fact about Thangka is that it provides iconographic information about deities, sacred objects  and therefore helps the practitioners to develop a clear idea about the deity. So making of  a Thangka painting requires precision in drawing and measurements and strictly  following a set of rules .

Thangka Artist
Thangka on the way

The Norbulingka Institute has come  up  mainly to revive the Tibetan Art and Culture and very  nicely they are  working on different aspects of Tibetan art and culture.

Norbulingka Institute

Not only Thangka painting, it supports Thangka applique, wood carving, wood painting, weaving etc different handicrafts.After taking a round in the institute we stopped by the Norling Hummingbird Cafe  .

Norling Hummingbird Cafe
Tibetan Butter Tea

Just out of curiosity I wished to try Tibetan butter tea.  It was simply marvellous! I enjoyed every sip and still wish to have it once more. Later I came across different versions of  Tibetan butter tea but that taste,  that ambience was matchless. Yak butter, the main ingredient is something new to us but it is a staple food item among the Tibetans and  also throughout the Himalayan regions. Fat content in Yak’s milk is much greater than cow’s milk and so is the butter.Therefore in  high altitudes and cold climates it’s a good option to have yak butter to get more calories any way .


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  1. eustat says:

    Majestic place isn’t it . 😊


  2. Selvi K says:

    Himalchal is always in my mind.. Really hoping can go soon. Butter tea??!! Even the sound ‘taste’ good.. Thanks for sharing this..


  3. jayatisblog says:

    Thank you ! I hope you will enjoy Tibetan butter tea ! 🙂


  4. suryabhanu says:

    Great posts J.
    All of those but its a pity that there are only a few there.
    Loved the flow of events and the pauses for details.
    You should need to write more.


  5. jayatisblog says:

    Thanks for visiting and your nice comments! 🙂


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